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The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is proven. Our dieters have results that are consistent and reflect their dedication to a healthier life style.We see Ideal Protein success and a life change for the better. Our dieters before and after Ideal Protein success pictures reflect what we are all about heather, more energetic body. Please review the Ideal Protein results and come to the same conclusion we did, that Ideal Protein works!

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Here from the client herself who fortunately got to know about us and got the best out of it.

My whole life Ive always been that “funny, fat girl” everyone loves… everyone, but me. I got pretty good at putting on a happy face for everyone else, pretending to be comfortable in my own skin. But in reality, I was miserable. When doctors would bring up the fact that I was obese and needed to lose weight, heat would flush through my body with disgust. Knowing you NEED to lose weight, and knowing HOW to do it are two very different things. After convincing myself that since I COULDN’T change, I might as well sit around, eat junk, not exercise, and become the “funnier fatter girl” who people loved even more. Great choice if you want to end up in the ER.


At first it was an appendicitis scare, but actually I was suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Further testing revealed I also had Non-Classic Adrenal Hyperplasia (NCAH), which meant my adrenal glands didn’t work right due to my obesity, causing numerous additional health issues. I was a mess. And while I needed to lose weight to help alleviate some of my debilitating symptoms, the unfortunate thing about PCOS is that it makes it really hard for one to lose weight. And if that wasn’t enough, my doctor concluded my prognosis with the fact that I probably wouldn’t ever be able to have children. WHAT?! There goes my dream of having a big family. At 22, I felt like my body was a chemistry experiment gone wrong! Sadly, there was no one to blame but me.


Thankfully, I found Ideal Protein within the next few weeks my life changed forever! I knew from day one not only could I do it…I would do it. And in just five short months of exercising daily and eating healthy, I’m down 50 pounds! I lost 1.5″ in my arms, 5″ in my chest, 5″ in my waist, 5″ in my hips, and 3″ in my thighs. My cholesterol went from 163 to 150, and my LDL went from 71 to 68.

Since Ideal Protein I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, my PCOS and NCAH are almost gone, and I’m no longer popping pills. And the best part is, my doctor just told me that she thinks I’ll be able to have kids one day if I keep up this lifestyle. In all her years of practicing medicine, she said she’s never seen a case like this.


I’m living proof that if you take control of your life and put in the hard work, you CAN lose weight. Never again am I going to let anyone tell me that I can’t do something—because now I know that I can do, whatever it is, that I put my mind to! Thanks Ideal Protein!!


If you don’t believe that read our testimonials!

  • Norma is a wonderful coach, caring, and patient. She is very energetic about helping people reach their personal weight goal!
    Lucie Treated for 4 weeks
  • We get Ideal Protein through our doctors office and we learned more from Norma than we learned from our doctor about Ideal Protein. We love the Walden Farms Products they offer!
    R + C Regular Customer of Our Products
  • Norma has been very instrumental in my life changing experience. She has helped me feel more energetic and I cannot say enough.
    Angela X Client
  • Ideal Protein has been a great program. It has taught me how to control my eating habits. A great program!
    Unknown X Client
  • Norma is friendly and always smiling. She is very knowledgeable about Ideal Protein and very supportive.
    Unknown X Client
  • Norma is helpful and knows how to offer suggestions to change up the program when needed. She repeats appointment times, suggests products that are diet friendly, and takes the time to answer questions.
    Unknown X Client

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